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Tree Removal and Stump Grinding in Los Angeles County, California

Periodic inspections are an excellent way for us to trim out dead branches and assess the stability of your trees, according to their proximity to your home, business structure, or utilities. Newhouse Tree Service regularly inspects trees throughout Los Angeles County, California and will recommend the thinning, removal or trimming of the trees on your property.

Tree Removal

We recommend tree removal when a tree is damaged, dead, or dying, because they pose potential hazards to your property. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we do safe and complete tree removal. Additionally, we will advise you when we believe a more suitable tree is needed to replace an existing tree.

Tree Stump Grinding

Newhouse Tree Service can perform tree stump grinding and stump removal. Protect your foundation and ensure the tree won't return with complete tree and stump removal. For an estimate call our office in Los Angeles, CA, 310-473-7705.

Tree Height Reduction

Prevent the risk of fire or property damage with tree height reduction services from Newhouse Tree Service.
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Tree Removal - Tree Services in Los Angeles, CA
Stump Removal - Tree Services in Los Angeles, CA

Tree Care Consultations and Inspections

Newhouse Tree Service also offers consultations to inspect your trees for disease. We can also offer advice on the best ways to care for the trees and shrubs on your property as well as how to fertilize them. Whether you have an oak, palm or other type of tree, our arborists are ready to help you.
For a free estimate on your tree removal or stump grinding, call today 310-473-7705.